MZ Media Production Ltd was incorporated on 28th February 2014 with the core idea of providing campaign and accounts management services.
The company has a registered office in Manchester, England. Two team members constitute the management team of the company. Mr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan and Mr Faisal Iqbal are the equal shareholders and joint directors of the company.
Mr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan and Mr Faisal Iqbal being a team of creative minds work in collaboration with clients to fulfil their needs. We believe that client’s image is paramount. Our services broadly includes professional digital event photography and product shots for individuals, private and public agencies and corporate organizations with cost efficiency. We have been providing professional photographs for conferences, award nights, ceremonies, events and staff profiles to ensure that we satisfy our client requirements.
MZ Media Production Ltd photograph events, launches and serves corporate clients using the best equipment for the highest quality images and finest printing. The company ensures that correct images are captured for use in all print, video and online marketing and advertising campaigns.
Marketing strategy of MZ Media Production Ltd will be integrated with the business practices to maximize the customer base. All mediums will be used that constitute the marketing mix.MZ Media Production Ltd will hire additional staff as part of their management team. Administrative responsibilities will be looked after by both the team members, however will be delegated to employees as well.


MZ Media mission is to build a unique portfolio of services that provide up to date, cutting edge content that helps each professional that interacts with our portfolio form new thinking and devise innovative strategies.
As a media business we strive to provide pragmatic information to help our customers implement effective change to ensure their businesses are more effective on a day to day basis. Further, MZ Media will deliver services that help shape and move forward the markets in which we operate while at the same time ensuring that best practice is promoted.
We will always listen, support, and assist our customers, and acknowledge and embrace that MZ Media is an organisation that exists to provide a service to our clients. To do this our aim is to consistently improve on a positive and entrepreneurial working environment that allows each individual within our business develop their skill set and push their creative boundaries with the customer truly at the heart of all innovation.
Although like any other company we do want to be recognised as the largest, but we do want to be recognised as the most progressive, innovative, and market leading media company.


MZ Media is driven by inspirational and entrepreneurial thinking, combining integrity, energy and vision through our core publishing and events business
Helping our customers overcome their challenges and achieve their goals is our passion. As a leading technology publisher and event’s organiser MZ Media recognises that the key to customer satisfaction and long-term success is to anticipate customers’ needs and develop new and innovative solutions that provide the necessary information to overcome the various challenges that the modern business manager faces.
We are totally committed to delivering high quality content that gives a true reflection of the markets in which we operate and we take pride in developing forward-thinking products that help our customers stay one step ahead.
Our Vision is to be a reliable and esteemed company, acknowledged by our customers for providing an exceptional service. We see ourselves as the leaders in our industry and a benchmark for our competitors.


  • M Z Media Production Ltd has following strategic objectives
  • Financial Success – gaining financial success and stability.
  • Growth – growing as a business, as an employer and establishing our customer base.