Commercial Photography

Photography for your business

Good quality photography isn’t a luxury…
It’s often the very first thing a prospective client or customer sees about your business.
We help you make a better first impression.

We provide commercial photography services in Leicester, the 825 Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3PN and beyond.We are near to the centre of the UK, so cover the entire country – and also work internationally for companies with a UK presence.


Industrial photography

UK wide photographic coverage of industrial machinery, plant, buildings, factories, people and offices.

MZ Media Production provides Industrial Photography services for companies and their creative agencies and covers promotional, industrial, advertising and catalogue work for web and print use.We aim to produce images that are both informative and eye-catching, for product brochures, display stands and web use and are happy to produce work to fit a preexisting manual or training guide.Our industrial photography can help explain how your machines work. Photographs can be lit and processed suitably to enhance different areas and features of equipment. All our image processing and re-touching experience is available to our clients and photographs come with all our expertise in colour management and high quality reproduction.


Architecture Photography

Photography for architects, planning and developers.
We provide a range of external and internal architectural photography services in the825 Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3PN.Use our photographs to document all stages of your project, from site investigation, planning applications, visual impact assessment, and through the entire construction process to buildings in use (such as lighting surveys and installations).Alternatively, we can work with sub-contractors and suppliers, to produce images of specific works, architectural features or products, for use in brochures and publicity material.


Construction Photography

Photography for construction, civil engineering, building and development companies.
We provide a range of internal and external construction and property related photography services throughout the UK.From initial site investigation and groundworks right through construction, handover and buildings in use, Northlight images can to document your entire building project for both commercial and residential developments.We’re happy to work with sub-contractors, and civil engineering consultants wanting images of specific services or products, for brochures and publicity material.


Heritage Architecture Photography

Photography for architects and reconstruction companies.
We provide a range of specialist architectural photography services throughout the UK.As specialist technical photographers, we capture images for conservation and restoration projects, where precise details require a permanent record.Our extremely detailed, very high resolution images are way beyond the capabilities of traditional large format film based approaches (also quicker, more flexible and at a lower cost).Rectified, high resolution images can be imported into CAD packages for stone identification saving time, increasing accuracy and improving the visual impact of presentations.


High Resolution & digital imaging Photography

Extreme detail images for web and print media (large-scale prints, billboards and building wraps) Digital image capture, for visualisation and computer modelling
We provide a range of internal and external high resolution photography services throughout the UK.Images are available fully rectified or in a variety of projection geometries for photographic survey and planning purposes.Available for conventional web and print use, and precise measurement and survey purposes, our images have exceeded 20 gigabytes in size.Keith Cooper is an acknowledged expert in this type of photography, writing many articles about its practice, whilst working with hardware and software developers to extend the capabilities of the techniques.


Venue Photography

Promotional event photography
Northlight Images provides a range of interior venue photography services for entertainment venues in Leicestershire, the 825 Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3PN and beyond.
Show your opening night at its best…
When you need a professional photographer to photograph your venue, event or performance – be it a bar, club, casino, studio, gallery or theatre – we are here to offer our expertise and services.

We work closely with event organisers and management, to ensure nothing is left out.

We want to help you get the most from your images and offer, as standard, free help and advice on using our pictures on web sites or in print – for newsletters, brochures, flyers and other promotional materials.


Landscape Photography

Images of the natural and man-made environment
Location Photography – when you need to convey the real feeling and emotional impact of a location, you need the skills of someone who specialises in commercial location photography.
Keith Cooper and Northlight Images provide professional landscape and location photography services in Leicestershire, the uk 825 Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3PN.

This is an entirely bespoke service, which produces, for you, attractive fine art images of the natural and built environment that can be used for promotional and decorative purposes.
A large print of the viaduct, in the gallery to the right, was one of several created for decorative use on the nearby estate.


Interior and lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle and interiors photography
MZ Media Production are professional commercial photographers based on Leicester in the UK 825 Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3PN. We provide interior design, lifestyle and architectural photography services throughout the UK.As specialist architectural and interior photographers, our specialised lenses, cameras and software allow us to produce a much wider range of interesting creative options and views We like to use natural and available lighting whenever possible. We use additional lighting only when needed, and only when it compliments the interior, which means better looking photos.Our aim is to help interior designs, developers and property professionals get the lifestyle and interior photographs they want. We firmly believe that the photos we supply will show your location – whether it be a showflat, conversion or restoration – at its best.


Hotel Photography

Hotel photographs for your web site and brochures (UK and International)
As part of our interior and architectural photography services throughout the UK we can provide you with all the photographs you want to publicise your hotel and the services you offer your guests.As a specialised international professional photographer of buildings, architecture and interiors, our aim is to show your location and facilities off at their very best.We are happy to work with your graphic and marketing department to ensure we provide images that convey the atmosphere you want to communicate.We provide the same level of service and attention to detail, regardless of the size of your establishment – from bed and breakfast to 5 star luxury spa, classic elegance or modern contemporary we’re happy to help and are certain we can get the ‘look’ you want.