Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the Holy Grail of website owners – appearing on page one of internet search engine results like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Everybody’s used these engines to find something at one time or another, but it’s only when you have a site of your won do you question how, or why, specific sites appear so early on. The simple answer is good and effective SEO work. Without this it is the same as having a shop a mile from the centre of town. If people don’t already know you exist, they are unlikely to find you unless by chance.

So, what happens when you combine a visually impressive website with intelligent and effective SEO? The simple answer is, you get more ‘hits’, A LOT MORE. These are people who have noticed your shop window and decided to come in and have a look around.. There is no Divine Right to who appears at the top of searches on the internet, it is just down to professionals who know and understand SEO, people like.
So, are you ready to move to the high street with your enterprise? Do you want everyone wandering by to know you exist and are in business? Do you want to discover just how many people walk up and down the high street every day, people you never knew existed while you lived your peaceful, quiet and barely profitable life in the suburbs?
What is the point of spending a fortune (or any money of you come to think of it) having a great website designed if nobody ever gets to see it? It is the same as spending money improving the look of that shop a mile away from the town centre. It won’t make any difference. we can effectively analyse your existing flow of visitors to your site and help you understand how this can be substantially increased. Translated, that means we’ll discover a whole load of data about your website you never knew existed, and then we’ll give you the impression we’re employing a myriad statistical formulae to work out what the data all means, when actually we knew the moment we looked at it, but we like to look as though we’re super smart. Actually we are super-smart, but we try not to look like geeks!
If you understand a little about SEO, you’ll know what we mean when we say we only employ white hat SEO methods and not black hat ones. By that we don’t run around the office wearing stupid hats, it just means we don a mythical white hat that indicates we are behaving properly. It’s only when you find your website no longer appears anywhere in searches that you discover the penalty of trying to buck the system. Welcome to oblivion and the road to a failed enterprise!
We know that all search engines (annoyingly and infuriatingly) keep changing their algorithms (that sounds like strange underwear but it’s just a fancy word for rules), and to keep at the top of search engine results yes, you guessed it, you need an SEO expert. Well there wouldn’t be much point in writing this web copy if the answer was a plumber, would it. Yes, we are unashamedly telling you that YOU NEED MZ Media Production Ltd! our SEO work includes .

  • Image alt tag optimization suggestions.
  • Making of custom 404 error page if required.
  • Construction of most advantageous robots.txt file.
  • Establishment of search engine responsive site map.
  • Keyword research on your targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Manual capitulation of website to Google, Yahoo , Bing etc.
  • Investigation of visible website content with recommended modifications.
  • Keyword competitor comparison (what are your contenders doing correct?).
  • Comprehensive inward bound link report and link construction suggestions.
  • Creation of Google Local (Google Maps) and Yahoo Local listings if desirable.
  • Examination of meta tags and title tags in your source code with suggested alterations.
  • Formation of Google Analytics Website Stats and Webmaster Tools accounts if considered necessary.