Why is social media important to small businesses? This infographic shows you statistics about social media use and provide quotes from small business owners.


With more than one billion active users Facebook helps you build relationships with new and exisiting customers and ultimately drive sales by taking advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. This tutorial will help you get started.


Twitter is a social network that helps you “findout what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.” These tutorials will help you register for an account, grow your brand’s support base, and keep your account safe. Check out Twitter’s interactive small business guide at M Z Media Production Ltd


With over 225 million members, LinkedIn is a great way to “Manage your professional identity, build and engage with your professional network, and access knowledge, insights and opportunities.” These tutorials will show how to register for an account, manage and connect with people and organizations to grow your professional network, and learn how to set up a professional LinkedIn “Company Page” for your business so customers, business partners, and the larger LinkedIn community can learn about you through a trusted website


HootSuite is a social media dashboard tool that helps you “manage and measure your social networks” efficiently. This tutorial shows you how to set up an account so you can get started. HootSuite allows you to “manage multiple social profiles, schedule messages and tweets, track brand mentions, and analyze social media traffic


Google Sites is a tool that helps you create a basic website for free. You can choose from blank or pre-built templates to make your business’s website look the way you want. This tutorial will help you create your website!

Google Plus

Google+ Success: What Your Business Needs to Know About Google+: In this Social Media Marketing podcast episode, Martin Shervington shares why he values Google+ and the benefits you can get from it. Listen in to learn what Google+ can offer your business and the best ways to get started.


Tumblr is one of those social networks which is often overlooked, but which has tremendous potential for SEO and social media marketing. I myself was slow to adopt Tumblr as a social media platform, but once I started using it I became hooked by its power and simplicity. Hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll feel the same.

My Space

The idea isn’t new: “Social networking” has been around forever. It’s the simple act of expanding the number of people you know by meeting your friends’ friends, their friends’ friends and their friends’ friends’ friends. And MySpace isn’t the first (or the last) Web site to take the concept online. So why does MySpace have more than twice the traffic of Google within four years of its 2003 launch?


Orkut is a free social networking Web site where you can create a profile, connect with friends, maintain an online scrapbook and use site features and applications to share your interests and meet others. Orkut users must agree that they’re 18 or older to use the site. Orkut was invitation-only for most of its first five years, but now it’s available without an invitation. All you need is a Google user account — and you may already have one if you use other Google services, such as Gmail.